Monday, August 22, 2016

Snorkeling Tour in Mansinam island of Manokwari

Manokwari is a nice recommended destination for tourists who want to enjoy snorkeling in affordable price.
White sand beach in Mansinam island
As a tour guide I frequently organize snorkeling tours for visitors who want to see coral reef and marine fish in Manokwari. There are a lot of snorkeling sites that can be seen by tourists. One of them is Mansinam island. Coral reef extends from reef-flat to drop off in the southern coast of the island. The length of the coral reef is approximately 2 kilometers. It is a nice spot for snorkeling.
Doreri Guesthouse in Mansinam island

There is a guesthouse at the back of the island with 28 bedrooms. The guesthouse is only a stone's throw away from the beach. So, visitors will need less then 1 minute to walk to the beach.
Standard Rate:
Overnight stay 550,000 rupiahs per night

Underwater world of Mansinam island
Marine Bio-diversity
The coral reef reef of Mansinam island is the natural habitat of a lot of species of fish including striped surgeonfish, convict surgeonfish, parrotfish, moorish idol, damselfish, boxfish, butterflyfish, pink anemonefish, pipefish, and grouper. There are also Christmas tree worm, sea-cucumber, blue seastar, sea urchin, and various kinds of sea-shells that can be found at the beach of Mansinam.
At the beach, visitors could see crabs running on the sand and birds such as kingfisher, frigatebird, and starlings flying in the sky or perching on the branch of a tree.
Coconut, baringtonia asiatica, catappa and beach hibiscus cover the island.
Coral reef and tropical fish of Mansinam
Other Ecotourism Activities
In addition to swimming, snorkeling and free diving, visitors who stay in Mansinam island can also enjoy hiking in the jungle of the island, butterfly watching, jogging, and village walk.
As a tourist guide, I can organize snorkeling trips from Mansinam island to other coral reef areas in Manokwari waters. I also offer hiking tour in the jungle for visitors who want to see the ecosystem of tropical rainforest. During the rainforest tour, visitors will be able to see birds, butterflies and swim in a river.

How to get there?
It is relatively easy to come here.
Fly from your country to Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia)
Fly from Jakarta to Manokwari city (the capital of Papua Barat province)
I will be happy to meet you at the airport and organoze your transfer to Mansinam island

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Traveling along the Coast of Tambrauw Regency

I have just completed a trip in Tambrauw regency where I guided 5 Dutch tourists. We traveled by a small passenger-cargo ship KM Kasuari Pasifik 3. We left Manokwari at night and arrived in Sausapor town two days later. While in Tambrauw, we enjoyed snorkeling, and had walking tour around the small town to see its natural beauty. 

We also spent one night waiting for mother turtles to lay eggs at Wawei beach but we did not see any of them. However, we saw green frog, large beach crab and snake. I already told the tourists that what we were doing was trying to watch turtles in nature and not in a zoo. So, the probability to see turtles was 0% to 100%.

Visitors can go fishing, meet Papuan people in their daily life, swim or enjoy snorkeling at the beach or walk around one of those villages and go back to the ship for their next adventure. Ticket price is 50,000 rupiahs (approximately 3 Euros) per person. It takes 3 days for the ship to sail from Manokwari to Sorong.
PELNI Ship KM Kasuari Pasifik 3 carries passengers and cargoes along the north coast of West Papua particularly in Tambrauw regency. It visits Manokwari, Saukorem, Imbuan, Waibem, Wau, Warmandi, Saubeba, Kwor, Opmare, Werur, Sausapor and Sorong. It anchors for 2 to 3 hours at every village. During that period, villagers come to the ship by their motorized boats. They bring coconuts, bananas, cassava, taro, and deer, goats, pigs and other agricultural produce which will be sold in Sorong or Manokwari city. Tourists can go to the beach by the same boats and return to the ship again before she leaves for another village. MV Kasuari Pasifik III sails between Sorong and Manokwari four times a month.
Since the ticket price is so cheap, tourists will have extra money to buy fruits, food and souvenirs at the villages that they visit. By doing this, visitors have directly supported the economic livelihood of local Papuan people. 
On the average, the ship carries approximately 100 passengers on every trip. Every passenger gets a bed to sleep. However, during school holiday season, and Christmas time, the number of passengers it carries is between 200 to 250 people. Visitors, upon advanced arrangement by a tourist guide, can rent rooms that are used by ship crews. The cost is 700,000 rupiahs (approx. 48 Euros) per room for the whole trip. The capacity of the room is 2 to 4 people depending on the number of bags which they carry. 
Don't forget to bring snorkeling set, or fishing gear, and action camera such as go pro or underwater camera if you want to have an adventure trip in Tambrauw.
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Friday, July 8, 2016

Snorkeling with American Tourists in Manokwari

Mansinam island in Manokwari
Yesterday, I went snorkeling with two American tourists in North Coast and Dore bay of Manokwari. Before leaving for snorkeling sites, I went to the beach to see whether the sea was calm or not. Unfortunately, the wind was very strong. I had some discussion with a water-taxi driver who said that it would be too dangerous to go to parts of the islands in the bay that were directly exposed to the wind.
North Coast
So, I decided to change the destination of our snorkeling site to the north coast of Manokwari. After that I went to Swissbel hotel to meet Sachi and Riaz and explained the situation. They could understand my explanation and agreed to go snorkeling in the northern area of Manokwari whose waters were calm. We went there by three ojeks (motorcycle taxis) to the suburb of Manokwari were we enjoyed snorkeling for approximately one hour. After that we had lunch at the restaurant of Mansinam Beach Hotel.
Coral Reef and Fish in Manokwari
Visiting Mansinam
This time, the sea was calm and I felt that we could enjoy snorkeling inside the bay, i.e. in Mansinam island. Since the boat station was near the hotel, we went there on foot. There were some water taxis waiting for passengers at the station. It took around 10 minutes to reach Mansinam. Before going snorkeling, we visited the museum of the island which describes the situation of the indigenous people of Papua before the arrival of the missionary, during the missionary works and several decades after that. An old Papuan man who guided us in the museum was very enthusiastic in explaining every picture and articles in the museum. Most of the writings were written in Indonesian language. I must translate them into English so that Riaz and Sachi would be able to understand them. We spent around 30 minutes in the museum and after that continued our trip to the beach.
We enjoyed snorkeling for around one and a half hours. We saw moorish idol, damselfish, butterfly fish, surgeon fish, pink anemonefish, orange-finned anemonefish, black urchin, sea star, boxfish, sweepers, pipefish, sea snake, and a big needlefish. The coral reef was very good in the island but more plastic wastes were found the area. Sachi and Riaz said that Manokwari was a beautiful town. We have to be proud of it and keep our environment clean.
In addition to snorkeling, we also went hiking in the first day of the tour to Table mountain. We entered the forest at 17.00 and began walking through the forest to the Japanese World War II memorial monument. After that we continued walking through the forest again until we reached the campus of Papua university. I did not see any birds in the forest because our goal was only walk. But I could hear the sound of a helmetted friarbird shouting in distant trees. During the walk we discussed about the Pacific war where the Imperial Japanese troops were fighting against the Dutch and the American in Manokwari. We reached the main road at around 18.30 and returned to Swissbel hotel by public transportation.
The next morning we still had a plan to enjoy snorkeling in remote place of the bay outside of the city but the weather was bad. It was raining most of the day. We could not go. Sachi asked for full body massage instead of going to the sea. On the fourth day of their stay in Manokwari, they left this town for Jayapura by airplane. |It was a nice experience of hiking and snorkeling with them.

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