Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Snorkeling Vacation in Manokwari

Manokwari is the capital of West Papua province of the Republic of Indonesia. It is a destination for visitors who want to enjoy snorkeling in Mansinam island and hiking in the forest of northern Manokwari and Arfak mountains.  Visitors can spend 3 days/ 2 nights in the jungle and 3 days/ 2 nights or more at the beach.

Snorkeling and hiking in Mansinam Island
Mansinam island is a good site for snorkeling. You could stay at Doreri Guesthouse for several days to enjoy the warm water of the sea and see a lot of species of fish. Bring your own snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel, fins). From my previous trips, I saw parrotfish, boxfish, damselfish, butterflyfish, moorish idol, anemonefish, and a lot of other species which I cannot identify.
In addition to snorkeling, visitors who stay in the island can do nature walk around the island along its concrete road. There are birds, wild flowers, butterflies and beetles which visitors can see during the land tour. There is also track to the highest point of the island. Local village is also an interesting site to visit. We can also organize multiple day snorkeling trips around Manokwari for you.

Staying in Mansinam Island
There is a guesthouse in Mansinam island, its name is Doreri Guesthouse. It is run by local community who live in the island. It is close to the beach where visitors can enjoy swimming and snorkeling.

500,000 rupiahs / room/ night (including breakfast) for 2 people
700,000 rupiahs/ room/ night (including breakfast, lunch, dinner) for 2 people
Extra bed: 250,000 rupiahs/ person/ night
Doreri Guesthouse in Mansinam Island

Bedroom of the Doreri Guesthouse in Mansinam Island
Jungle Tour in the Forest of North Manokwari
Visitors who come to Manokwari go to the forest of Northen Manokwari for watching birds. As a matter of fact, the lowland forest of Northern Manokwari is  an interesting site for swimming (in the river), bird and wildlife watching. Animals such as deer, wild pigs, cuscus possum and wallaby live in the jungle.  For birds, the lowland forest of North Manokwari is the natural habitat of pinon imperial pigeon, sulphur crested cockatoo, Blyth's hornbill, Western-crowned Pigeon, Palm Cockatoo and Beautiful Fruit Dove, Kingfisher and a lot more. There are also a lot of colorful butterflies.
As a tour guide, I have organized a lot of jungle trips for visitors who want to see wild animals. We stay in tents near a river in the jungle and do our nature exploration.

How to get there?

  • It is easy to reach Manokwari city. Just fly from your country to Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia)
  • After that, fly to Manokwari. Airlines such as Garuda, Xpress Air, Sriwijaya and Nam Air have got regular daily flight to Manokwari.
  • When you arrive in Manokwari, we can meet you at the airport and transfer you to the island or to the jungle.

Please, contact me by email to me (Charles Roring) to: for customized itinerary, cost and more info. You could also contact me by whatsapp: +6281332245180. If I haven't replied your message, perhaps, I still guide tourists in the jungle or at sea.

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